Yes, you can. Please see other eligible affiliated brands at the bottom of the page here

Yes, you can. Renovated, repainted and makeover projects using Nippon Paint and its affiliated products or/ and colours  are eligible.  

Yes, you can. If you have multiple projects that use Nippon Paint products or/ and colours, you may submit each project as one submission. 

No, you are not eligible to participate as these projects will fall under Nippon Paint’s ‘Colouring Lives’ initiative. 

Yes, you are eligible to participate upon receiving the written approval from the space owners and involved architects and/or designers of your project.  You can download the official release form here

Yes, as long as the paints used are Nippon Paint products or/ and colours. Please see other eligible affiliated brands at the bottom of the page here

Colour delivery in your project must primarily be applied through paint and coatings. Other materials such as stained glass or stickers can be secondary and part of your project. 

Yes, if your project extensively uses Nippon Paint products, it is still eligible for submission. Please see other eligible affiliated brands at the bottom of the page here

Yes, you are. This award is open to all working professionals with a project they would like to submit. Only jury members of the Creative Colour Awards are not allowed to participate. 


Start your project submission by clicking on the ‘SUBMIT’ button at the top right hand corner of the Creative Colour Awards website.

  • A word document describing your project, inspiration and story (250-500 words)
  • Minimum six (6) photos of your project.
  • A signed release form which you can download here.

Absolutely! There are no size or scale restrictions for submitted projects. Whether big or small, as long as the project is painted with Nippon Paint products (and its affiliated brands) and aligns with the relevant category, it is eligible for submission. Size does not limit participation.

No, a presentation is not required. You can find the entry details on our terms & conditions page here

You have the flexibility to participate either as an individual or on behalf of a company. If submitting as part of a company, please designate one main contact person to serve as the representative for the company throughout the submission process.

If your project predominantly aligns with a specific category, choose that one for submission. In instances where a project is eligible for two different categories (e.g., Interior Design and Architecture), please refrain from submitting it under both categories. Select the category that best encapsulates the primary focus of your project.

The Organiser and local Nippon Paint offices will conduct thorough due diligence before advancing to the award stage. In cases where additional verification is necessary, your local Nippon Paint team may contact you for further information to validate the use of the product or/and colour in your project.

Yes. If you are based in an international firm with global projects, you can submit projects based elsewhere. Ultimately, we will award the participant based on which country they are based in. 

We accept submissions from the following countries:  Bangladesh, China, Japan, India, Indonesia, Iran, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkiye and Vietnam. 

Yes, your privacy is of utmost importance to us. All information obtained will be exclusively used for global and local promotional and PR activities related to the Creative Colour Awards.

For additional information regarding the copyright of imagery, please refer to the terms and conditions page here or reach out to us via email at hello@creativecolourawards.com.

Judging Criteria

All photos submitted must be in high resolution (300 ppi and above).

At its core, this is a colour-centric competition. Jury members will be looking for projects which exhibit purposeful use of colours through coatings in built environments. 

Awards Recognition

Three (3)  finalists will be chosen per category. 

No presentation is required. All winners will be invited for media interviews.

Accommodation and travel fares  will be provided for the winners of the respective categories. T&C applies.