Gladys Goh

Gladys Goh is the Senior Vice President of Strategic Innovation and Marketing for NIPSEA Group. Her active portfolio includes: Group Marketing and Communications, Group Corporate Social Responsibility, Colour Leadership, Strategic Innovation.

Being a huge believer in bridging the gap between work and passion, she spends enormous amounts of time raising the capacity and interest of her teams worldwide to give back to the community. This led to the growth of many flagship community projects including the world’s longest running student-centric awards and community – the AYDA Awards.

She joined Nippon Paint as the Assistant General Manager of Marketing for the Malaysia market in 2006. In 2013, she was promoted to Group General Manager of the Nippon Paint Malaysia Group which includes Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand Deco, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Philippines. Currently, she is also the President for Nippon Paint Marine Coatings.